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Designed for the serious student of orthodontics. Particularly suitable for the fresh graduate.

The course equips the student to make independent decisions and carry out orthodontic treatment independently.

One year

Lectures, Hands on procedures & Patient start

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The course includes:

  • Scope of orthodontic patient care
  • Photography, presentation & diagnosis
  • Listing of the problems
  • Can I do it?
  • Wires-- their properties, types and usage.
  • Wire bending,
  • Brackets and their selection
  • Banding & Bonding on video & hands on
  • Ligation on video & hands on
  • Basics of pure edgewise
  • The pre adjusted straight wire appliance
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Pre adjusted edgewise
  • Tooth movement, Forces and mechanics
  • Bite opening procedures
  • Space closure & Finishing
  • Retention with removable and fixed appliances
  • Growth modulation& Appliances
  • Preventive & interceptive procedures
  • Demo of micro implants & on patient live procedures
  • Patient start TWO
  • Straight wire appliance
  • MBT Treatment Mechanics
  • Friction and frictionless mechanics


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Fees includes : Reading material, 10 Sets of wires required for straight wire treatment ,5 sets of direct bonding straight wire technique brackets, 5 sets of bondable tubes, one light cure adhesive, One set of mirrors for intra oral photograph. One typodont non returnable.


  • a. A digital camera
  • b. Bracket holding tweezers
  • c. Mosquito forceps
  • d Light wire bending pliers
  • e Light wire cutter
  • f Non torqueing turret
  • g. Ligature cutter
  • h. Posterior peak band forming pliers
  • i. Band pusher
  • j. Cement spatula
  • k. Bracket marker
  • l. Cheek retractors