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Cannot imagine anyone teaching Orthodontics with such clarity .The examples offered are extraordinary, and mechanics are explained from day to day life making it very simple to understand.

Opening those 100% bites suddenly looks so simple. I am glad I came for a course.

Continuous wire frictionless mechanics is a dream. Helping to reduce chair time and treatment time on a regular basis and patient after patient.

Helping Deliver extraordinary results in very short time is now so much within reach. Boy!! I loved every minute of the course. Strongly recommended for all those that value time and quality in clinical practice.

Faculty Communication skills unsurpassed !!!
A short course at the IIO will change your life for the better. Make your life easier with effective timesavers and deliver flawless results in double quick time.

Clinical application of efficient bio mechanics to deliver fast results effectively helps in savings in clinical time and treatment time.

Theory is one aspect of learning, but good enough to pass an examination. To make it work in the clinic one needs a course at the IIO. This is sheer genius at work.

When I look back at my college days, the Orthodontics department was run only to scare away the student. My exposure to Orthodontics at the IIO has made a big difference to my view point. I find I can do a lot in Orthodontics.

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I am in private practice as General dentist for the last 13 years. I had zero knowledge of Orthodontics till I joined up for the FIO program.

I have cleared the concepts of Orthodontic treatment, Dr Dehadrai is the best teacher I have ever known in my life.

Dr Dehadrai holds nothing back from the student and it is a pleasure to get the concentrate of his nearly 40 years of experience as an Orthodontist. He has excellent communication skills and can connect with any generation or age group.

I appeal to Dr Dehadrai to expand the Orthodontic educational program on a global level so that ethical quality doctors would be trained to treat the patients in a proper way.

Dr Rajesh H Parekh
E mail : dr_rajeshdentist@yahoo.com

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I spent two very eventful days at the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS with Dr Jayant Dehadrai at Ahmedabad.

I have been practicing Orthodontics for a long time now and had a lot of difficulties to iron out. The interaction with Dr Dehadrai was one of the finest that I have ever had with a teacher and clinician. He cleared my doubts and taught me the finer points of orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatment is way beyond sticking brackets, his concepts of aligning, bite opening and space closure are an eye opener and a great help in practice.

I would strongly recommend INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS to all those who look forward to imparting good treatment to their patients.

Dr Senthil Selvan,
Madurai,Tamil Nadu

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It is my privilege to be a part of the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS. After my BDS ,I wanted to specialize . I was very happy to learn about the one year Residency program of the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS. I have completed my course and am now practicing orthodontics quite satisfactorily.

The teaching by Dr. Jayant Dehadrai is awesome. He helped build a new confidence in me. His style of teaching is amazing. He makes very complicated things look very easy by giving examples from day to day life. In the whole concept of teaching there is a practical approach to understand the subject. He welcomes interruptions in between rather than later. He stops anywhere and again starts off without repetitions. It is an extraordinary quality in a teacher.

Dr Jayant Dehadrai is a gentleman and loves to teach. He is prepared to repeat the subject any number of times till the student understands it clearly.

I strongly recommend the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS to all those who wish to step into Orthodontics.

Dr Anshul Alex Gunny,
Betul, MP

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If you always wanted to know the concept of Orthodontics, then the best place to be is the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS. I have just completed the course CERTIFICATE IN CLINICAL ORTHODONTICS.

The course is personalized and suited to ones needs. The course is objective, inspires confidence and imparts the art and science of Orthodontics to the student.

When I came to the Institute, I did not even know how to hold a bracket. Now I am confident to start a case on my own.

The course director is friendly and interesting to listen to makes you reason along. What a fulfilling stay in India !!!

Hope to come again to advance my knowledge.

Dr Induswe Benjamin,

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I came to the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS to add simple Orthodontic practice to my clinic.

But the way Sir taught me, in the first two or three months I got the confidence that if certain things are kept in mind, then orthodontic cases of certain difficulties can be handled.

Now after completing my course, I am quite satisfied about orthodontic experience I had here. The way Sir taught about the Edgewise technique was truly wonderful.

I would like to thank my course director DR JAYANT DEHADRAI for his hard work and teaching me the way he taught.

I wish best of luck to the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS for the future.

Dr Vipan Chandel,

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Dr.Jayant Dehadrai is a great teacher, great practitioner , a great human being. He is my ideal. I am happy to tell that I learnt orthodontics in a right way from him. He gave me the logic, concepts and skill of orthodontics from his long term experience.

After BDS all have the dream to do MDS in orthodontics but many didn't get the seat and I was one of them. My interest in orthodontics is very much so I came to sir to learn orthodontics. I joined fellowship programme. and after finishing my first module I started an ortho case in my clinic and sir give me the confidence to start cases in ortho.With the time my confidence level and my logic is going up. Sir is so good that he is answering my all doubts during the course and explain me all without any restrictions. Now I finished my course I am very very happy because my all ortho patient's treatment going up to the mark. I am very thankful to sir because he fulfilled my dream to do orthodontic treatment . He changed my life.

I would strongly recommend the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS to those who wish to add value to their practices.

Dr Rocky Pal Singh

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Completed the Residency program successfully in January 2013.

“ I am very happy that I came to the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS . I had thousands of doubts before joining, but once I arrived here everything seemed so easy and friendly. The teaching is conducted in a very friendly atmosphere and the student is encouraged to interrupt any time and any number of times in case of a doubt. The teaching is excellent.

Dr Jayant Dehadrai is a excellent mentor and a great teacher !!!

One year seems like a couple of days. When I walked in my shoulders were heavy with the burden of doubt but today when I am walking out I feel burden free and confident .A better person and a better dentist, fully confident to start my first patient independently.

Dr. Toko Papu
Arunachal Pradesh , India.

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Completed the Residency program successfully in December 2012.

“I learnt a lot. It was a great experience for me. I am now able to take my decisions independently in my Orthodontic practice .

I had a chosen the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS from so many options the world over ,for it’s excellent faculty and a very practical course content. The teaching is excellent.”

Dr. Sylvia Matalanga
Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.

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I must say that Dr Jayant Dehdrai is a wonderful teacher and an excellent orator. Whatever he teaches is readily grasped by the mind. He has a very good quality of coming down to the level of the student who have not been taught ABC of real orthodontics in the UG. He makes the subject very simple and easy to understand. But he does not believe in spoon feeding, and makes us exercise our brains to come up to something.

He has changed the picture of orthodontics in my mind. I personally have the confidence of starting up patients right now, even though I have not completed the full course !

Dr Dehadrai is not only a good teacher but we have witnessed him as a good doctor with high moral and ethical values. He handles patients’ fear and anxiety with utmost care and patience.

It has been a very good experience learning under him.

Dr. Hetal Trivedi
Jamnagar, Gujarat

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After graduating in the year 2010,I opted straight away for a private practice. After a year I was nagged by my inability to treat Orthodontic cases.I was forced to refer such cases to other clinics/ specialists. That is the time realized that orthdontics is one subject that is neglected tremendously during under graduate days. I suddenly felt the urge to incorporate orthodontics in my private practice. That is where Dr Dehadrai came to the rescue. I opted for the IIO-B course. I must say it has been an eye opner. Within a day I realized that I cannot be with a better clinician to learn the ropes of this highly specialized subject.

Dr Dehadrai with his vast clinical experience coupled with wit and humor has made learning orthodontics a sheer pleasure. The course should be renamed “ORTHODONTICS MADE RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE “

His style of teaching is methodical yet simple and demonstration on live patients really enhances the over all understanding. I have enough confidence to handle my patients in my own clinic.

I would strongly recommend this course to anybody who wishes to add Orthodontics to his/her practice. I benefited immensely so can you.

Dr. Sukhdip Singh
Rourkla, Orissa

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I completed my graduation in 2009 and wanted to continue further studies in Orthodontia. After a long research I found the perfect place to study Orthodontics. The INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS run by Dr Dehadrai is the perfect find.

I fulfilled my dream of learning Orthodontics.

The course covers the very basics that no one teaches in graduation courses. Here one can learn, discuss and clear all the doubts, gaining clarity of the subject.

I gained much confidence here and am now in a position to start my own cases in my clinic. I am thankful to the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHDODONTICS for the training and would like to recommend it to all those who wish to include orthodontics in their practice.

Dr. Meenakshi Raval
Jaipur ,Rajasthan

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Dr. Purvi Harmani
Lusaka, Zambia

The current fee structure deprives the genuine and deserving student of a reasonable education with the intent to earn a decent living. The courses offered by the Indian Institute of Orthodontics are a boon and must be grabbed by all those wanting to practice orthodontics in their general dental practices.

Dr. K C Bhatia
Punjab, India

The General Dental Practitioners are major players in Orthodontic treatment care. The courses offered by the Indian Institute of Orthodontics will be a boon to all. I wish the effort a great success. Attempts should be made to hold the courses outside India.

Dr. Abdul Fharook

There are so few Orthodontists. It is a good idea to initiate the General Dental Practitioner to treat some level of orthodontic problems. These courses are very well thought of.

Dr. Narendra Patel
Florida, USA

An absolute must for the General Dental Practitioner to know some level of orthodontics. These courses should help educate and increase the earnings of general dentists.

Dr. Ken Smith
Lister, UK

A large number of General dentists in the USA acquire skills from short courses and provide some level of Orthodontic treatment in their clinics, thus adding to their incomes. It is a pleasure to know that the General Dental practitioner in India will now be able to attend short courses in clinical orthodontics and treat orthodontic patients in their clinics just like their American counterparts. I wish God Speed to the Indian Institute of Orthodontics.

Dr. Alan Hutchinson
Texas, USA

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