Within in a year of it’s inception the INDIAN NSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS has acquired world wide attention and we have been overwhelmed by the interest in our Orthodontic teaching programs.

The Institute was designed to cater to the Indian student .It was a matter of surprise to see the response from foreign shores.

On popular demand we have been pressurized to modify the Residency program to suit the needs and demands of the busy practitioner, who wishes to spend as little time as possible away from the practice and family and still be in a position to undertake quality Orthodontic education.

Conceding to the popular sentiment, we have modified the ORTHOIDONTIC RESIDENCY PROGRAM to a 101 hour contact program that could be taken at a stretch. The content of the program has not undergone any change whatsoever. It only means more hard work on our part and on the part of the student.

The INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS was launched in March 2010, with only the Indian student in mind. We are overwhelmed by the response we have received world wide. The total hits on the website in the month of January 2012 till Friday 27th totaled a mind boggling 48952 hits from all over the world.

Our variety of programs and ingenuity of purpose has attracted world wide attention, wherein we have been made to understand that we are the only organization of it’s type in the world. Our programs are tailored to your needs.

We are on the fast track of development and growth. Situated as we are in the fastest growing state of the Union of India, Gujarat, in the fastest growing and best city of India, Ahmedabad ,we are unlikely to miss the growth curve.

Ahmedabad today is an educational centre with the some world famous institutions in the country based here. We also have the Sabarmati Ashram from where the father of the Indian nation Mahatma Gandhi gave the call for freedom from the very powerful British Empire. Ahmedabad is well connected with major cities in India through a network of fine roads and railways connections and to major cities in the world through it’s international airport .

True to the upbeat mood and the environment we are committed to the finest in teaching and hands on training in orthodontics .

Your time spent with us will give you a definite edge over others and add a flip to your career in dentistry.

We look forward to welcoming you to the program of your choice.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our first international student, for the one year residency program, from Kenya.

The INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ORTHODONTICS is pleased to announce the passing out of it’s first batch of three students for the course IIO-B .

Dr Meenakshi Rawal, Dr Hetal Trivedi and Dr Sukhdip Singh received their certificates on the completion of the course.

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