We are frequently asked the following questions regarding the courses conducted by the Indian Institute of Orthodontics.

  • 1. What is the purpose of your course ?
    Our courses are value addition courses , designed to provide an opportunity for the dental practitioner to treat moderately severe malocclusions in day to day dental practice.
  • 2 Are the courses recognized by the Dental Council of India ?
    No. We are not recognized by the Dental Council of India, the premier regulatory Body for Dental education in India. They have no objection to this kind of education, Please click here for more.
  • 3. Does the Indian Orthodontic Society have any objection to these courses?
    They are an association of Orthodontists and NOT a regulatory body. Their opinion or Objection has no meaning . The only organization that counts is the DCI. Read More
  • 4. How can you teach Orthodontics in one year ?
    It is possible to teach in ONE YEAR. We are not the only institution conducting a one year Course. The New York University Dental School also conducts a one year Orthodontic Program for foreign students. Our program is similar in content. Open PDF
  • 5. Can I treat all kinds of cases in Orthodontics ?
    We teach the basics. It is left to the student to develop further. No body can claim to be able to treat all kinds of cases. We encourage the student to approach the treatment protocol with caution and responsibility. The student is able to handle moderately severe Malocclusions.
  • 6. How many patients will I get to start ?
    We teach diagnosis, correction of crowding, correction of the Bite, closing of spaces, Finishing and retention protocol. It is not necessary to conduct all stages in the same patient.The number of patients has no relevance. The content matters.
  • 7. Do you have any branches ?
    We conduct our teaching programs in Ahmedabad only. We have very good infra structure. It is not possible to create the infrastructure at the branch level.

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